२१ फाल्गुन २०८०, सोमबार

Zest Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.

१२ फाल्गुन २०७६, सोमबार
Zest Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.

Zest (Zeal Enthusiasm supporting Team) Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.

The country’s development will be in pace if each Nepalese can increase its yearly revenue through the mobilization of Natural resources and inaugurate the employment opportunity in a more systematic way. Zest (Zeal Enthusiasm supporting Team) Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd have established with the aim to initiate the employment opportunity by investing in a variety of Company, that finishes up in customizing the Natural resource, with the small capital collected from our heartfelt depositors.

Self-employment is the key vision of our Co-operative. With the small amount poised from our depositors and investing it on possible resource management, helps to commence different kinds of self-employment opportunity in our own country. This aim and motive will help to uplift the standards of our shareholders and revenue of the country. So, Zest Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd are here for you with different varieties of Saving accounts that is beneficial to you.

Zest Saving and Credit Co-operative are established in accordance with the Co-operatives Act 2048. The Co-operative is established with the total capital of Rs.10,00,00,000 (10 Crore), which will be sequential to be turned into chatter capital.

Objective –

  • To provide quality service to the member using modern tools and technology.
  • To increase employment by mobilizing capital in production sector through cooperatives.
  • To provide membership to all kinds of cooperatives.
  • To assist to reduce poverty by mobilizing fund through the cooperative sector.
  • To help the cooperative sector to become a professional and sound financial service provider in remote areas of Nepal.
  • To meet the changing needs of members.

Our Vision 

Among three polar economies of Nepal Government, Cooperative sector resides as the third strong pole. This sector holds hopeful possibilities in increasing gross domestic income. By suppressing probable social perversion and risks, and with constant positive governance, rising members to the path of economic development is the organization’s main vision. The organization aims to be the best cooperative among all the cooperatives in Nepal by generating the feel of faith and intimacy in the member’s heart.

Our mission

To be the best cooperative among the cooperatives in town by raising member’s economic status and serving to bring positive changes in the Nepalese society and to providing financially viable, profitable, technically competent, managed and sustainable cooperative services.


Zest Gongabu (Head Office)

Phone: +977-01-4388561/4388771/4388954

Address: Gongabu – 06, Kathmandu

Email: info@zestcooperative.com.np


Zest Golfutar (Service Office)

Address : Golfutar Hattigauda, Kathmandu

Phone : 0977 – 01-4378005 / 4379521

Email : info@zestcooperative.com.np

Zest Kalanki (Service Office)

Address : Kalanki, Kathmandu

Phone : 0977 – 01-5234951 / 015234714

Email : info@zestcooperative.com.np

Zest Koteshwore (Service Office)

Address :Koteshwore, Kathmandu

Phone :0977 – 01-5199568 / 015199569

Email :info@zestcooperative.com.np

Zest Tokha (Service Office)

Address : Panchetar Tokha, Kathmandu

Phone : 0977 9864 259 969

Email : info@zestcooperative.com.np