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Natural Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited (Profile)

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Natural Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited (Profile)

Natural Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited aims to be the best cooperative in Nepal. We have been able to bring joyful faces in our society by providing easy access of cooperative services. We constantly focus on providing financially viable, technically competent and sustainable cooperative services.

More than 12 years of experience working in the industry has enabled us to build our services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations that help our clients with their trading projects around the world. Capabilities we leverage.

Our Vision

Among three polar economy of Nepal Government, Cooperative sector resides as the third strong pole. This sector holds hopeful possibilities in increasing gross domestic products. By suppressing probable social perversion and risks, and with constant positive governance, rising members to the path of economic development is the organization’s main vision. Organization aims to be the best cooperative among all the cooperatives in Nepal by generating the feel of faith and intimacy in member’s heart.

Our Mission

To be the best cooperative among the cooperatives by rising member’s economic status and helping in bringing positive changes in the Nepalese society and by providing financially viable, profitable, technically competent, managed and sustainable cooperative services.


Head Office

Gokarneshwor – 06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

Tel: 01-4917109, 01-4913682
Email: info@naturalcooperative.com.np

Sankhu Office

Sakhu-6, Shankarapur, Kathmandu

(Opposite to Agriculture Development Bank)

Branch Manager: Ghanashyam Nepal
 01-4450987, 9860450375
Email: ghanashyam.nepal@naturalcooperative.com.np

Naya Bazaar Office

Nayabazar-16, Kathmandu

Branch Manager: Ashok Rai
Tel: 01-4387440, 01-4366204, 9818969547
Email: ashok.rai@naturalcooperative.com.np

Kadaghari Office

Kageshwori Manahara 09, Kadaghari

Branch Manager: Nirmala Khatri
Tel: 01-4992524
Email: nirmala.khatri@naturalcooperative.com.np